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Quality Control

                                                    Inspection Standard: AQL (Acceptable Quality Levels)

                                                    Part 1: Factory  Evaluation
              Check the Scale ⇒ Check the Certifications ⇒ Check the Production Capacity 
  Part 2: Initial Inspection
              Check the Raw Materials ⇒  Check the Production Schedule
  Part 3: During-Production Inspection 
              Confirm The Sample ⇒ Specifications Testing ⇒ Packages Confirm ⇒ Checking On-line 
  Part 4: Final Inspection
              Function Testing ⇒  Check all Details 
  Part 5: Loading Containers
             1) Check the Quality of the container
             2) Heavy down, Light up
             3) Take Photos of : Empty Container ⇒ Start Loading ⇒ Half Container ⇒ Full Container 
             ⇒ Closed the Door ⇒ Container No./ Seal No. ⇒ Finished

  We have many inspectors (QC) in many provinces in China, so we are sure we can become as you best partner in China.